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Consign your cards to us. Either 7 Day Auction or a Fixed Price.  7 Day auction will guarantee faster results.  A Fixed Price will take a little longer but we dictate the price.

7 DAY Auction

For Cards Valued Up to $250.00.


Starting bid: $9.95


Single Card Auction:

We charge $10.00 + eBay Fee


For a Multi Card Auction:

We charge $15.00 + eBay Fee

For Cards Valued over $250.00

We charge 10% of eBay Final Price + eBay fee

If Card does not sell,

there will be $4.00 fee

Fixed Price. (For Cards Worth More Than $25.00)

Cards valued under $250.00

20% of Final Price + ebay fee

Anything over $250.00

15% of Final Ebay Price + ebay fee

If does not sell after 30 days, $3.00 fee

After 30 days, we will re-evaluate the fixed price.

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Are you unsure where to start when it comes to your sports card collection? Perhaps you've recently received an inheritance or found yourself out of touch with the current state of the card market. Don't worry, you're not alone! I specialize in providing consulting services to individuals like yourself who may feel a bit clueless but are eager to navigate the world of sports cards. I have been involved in this hobby for over 30 years  I am also an authorized PSA dealer, the only one in Sarasota. Whether you need help identifying the value of your cards, determining which ones to keep or sell, or understanding the grading process, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. With my expertise, you can regain control and make informed decisions that will maximize the value of your collection.

My fee is $75.00* an hour but I guarantee that the insights and strategies you gain will be worth every penny.

*If you need just advice on one card or two, I am happy to share my time, free of charge. If your cards are not, shall we say, collectible, I will be upfront with you and I will not charge you anything as well.

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PSA Submissions

 Five compelling reasons to choose me for submitting your cards to PSA:

  • 1.  I am an authorized PSA dealer with a trusted reputation,

  • 2.  I charge no additional fees for submissions if you consign or sell to me, we can discuss potential selling prices before making a decision.

  • 3.  I have the expertise and knowledge of the grading process and shipping.

  • 4.   I offer shared shipping costs to mitigate the high expenses.

  • 5.  With nearly 17,000 positive eBay feedback, you can be confident in the exceptional product and service I provide when consigning your cards to me.

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Cards For Sale

 All my cards available for sale are on eBay.  If you see anything on eBay that intrigues you or want to purchase, contact me directly. I will save you 10% and possibly more.

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Buying Sports and Non-Sports Cards

At Kenmore Collectibles, I specialize in buying sports and non-sports cards and ensure fair pricing based on thorough market evaluation. When you sell your cards to me, you can trust that you'll receive a competitive offer that reflects the current market value.

My buying process takes into account various factors, including recent sales on platforms like eBay. I analyze the past three months of sales data to understand the market trends and determine accurate pricing for different cards. This approach helps me provide you with a fair valuation based on real-time market demand.

Furthermore, I understand that graded cards hold a higher value in the market due to their authenticity and condition. If you have graded cards, I offer a higher percentage of the market value compared to ungraded cards. This is because graded cards tend to sell more easily, and there are specific price points we can consider, making the valuation process more precise.

To streamline the buying experience, I have dedicated buy pages on my website where you can find specific cards I am interested in purchasing and the prices I am willing to pay. These pages are regularly updated to reflect my current buying needs. By providing clear information about the cards I am actively seeking, I aim to make it easier for you to sell your collection and receive a fair offer.

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