Why Graduating ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen Need a Silver Dollar

It is a tradition for graduating cadets and midshipmen to present to their military instructor a silver dollar in exchange for their first salute. Because the new officer has not done any deeds yet to earn the salute, the cadet must literally pay for it. That one dollar may not seem like much but to that new officer it represents the respect accorded to their new rank.

There is no hard and fast rule what dollar should be used. It could be an

  • Morgan Dollar
  • Peace Dollar
  • Silver American Eagle

It could even be a Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Whatever coin newly commissioned officers choose, a lot of thought should go into it. The coin is a gift to their military instructor for all their leadership and mentoring.

If you are graduating this Spring, Kenmore Collectibles carries Peace and Morgan Dollars for as little as $20.00.  American Silver Eagles are currently selling for around $20.00.  Tip: To make the occasion more memorable, purchase a coin that has some significance to your mentor. For example, a coin minted the year he first entered the service..

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