Who Buys Foreign Currency?

Kenmore Collectibles buys foreign currency

The people at Travelex are great.  They are a Foreign Currency Exchange Company and have local branches in the Cambridgeside Galleria and one in Downtown Boston. When you need foreign currency for a trip, they can convert your U.S. Dollars into Euros or Pesos or Pounds, whatever.  They even can convert your foreign currency back into U.S. Dollars.  They deal in all new currency but they do not deal in older currency or out of date currency.  We love Travelex because they send customers over to us with the older currency.  If we can, we will convert it into dollars for those customers.  We can do that because some older foreign money can be converted into newer currency if it is redeemed at that country’s National Bank. We find people who will go the extra mile and go to the National Bank of Spain or England or the Netherlands etc.  So if you have foreign currency to convert call Travelex.  If you have older money, contact usKenmore Collectibles buys foreign currency.

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