Today’s Finds: Tom Brady PSA 10 Cards. An Alternative to Rookie Cards

Kenmore Collectibles sells Tom Brady Cards

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Perhaps the Tom Brady Rookie Train has left the station with you holding your bags?  It is possible.  Several of his Rookie cards sell for over $10,000.00, like his SP Authentic or Playoff Contenders cards.  No worries. Hop on the next train, Tom Brady Non-Rookie PSA 10 Cards. Is it possible that Tom Brady non-rookie cards can conceivably be worth money down the road? Let’s compare  Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks Rookie cards to their subsequent cards  (1955 – 1957). As you can see, Aaron and Banks rookie cards are out of reach for most people but their subsequent cards are valuable, too but more affordable.  With this premise in mind, here are some bargain Tom Brady Gem MINT PSA 10 cards for sale.

The following cards are $20.00 each.

The following cards are $30.00 each.


The following cards are $50.00 each.

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