Today’s Find: Tom Brady, J.D. Martinez & Peyton Manning. Modern Day Graded Cards

Kenmore Collectibles buys graded cards

For your perusal, please take a look at these four modern day graded cards.

  • 2010 Bowman Platinum J.D. Martinez Prospect Autograph Rookie PSA 10 Gem MINT $100.00
  • 1998 UD Black Diamond Peyton Manning Rookie Triple Diamond PSA 10 Gem MINT $250.00
  • 2002 Topps #295 Tom Brady PSA 9 MINT $40.00
  • 2002 Topps #TB36 Tom Brady Ring of Honor PSA 9 MINT $30.00

I mention these cards because they are a prime example of graded cards we are seeking.

Looking to sell? Let us make you an offer.  Simply put, we pay 75% of the average price your card would sell for on Ebay. For example, the 2002 Topps Tom Brady Ring of Honor (shown), books on average $40.00.  We offered $30.00 for that card.

Give us a try. Call us at (617) 482-5705 or email us.

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