Today’s Find: The Other Hot Derek Jeter Rookie – Stadium Club

Kenmore Collectibles buys Derek Jeter Rookie Cards

When we talk Derek Jeter Rookie Cards, collectors salivate over the 1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie Card.  And rightly so, as the last PSA 10 on Ebay sold for $49,000.00 back in September of 2017. Another one to watch is the 1993 Stadium Club Derek Jeter.  This card could only be found in the Jack Murphy Stadium Club Set.  The outside box for this set was a facsimile of the San Diego Ballpark (today’s SDCCU Stadium). At the time, it was not a big hit.  The year earlier, Topps put out a 1992 Stadium Club Toronto Skydome Set.  They flooded the market with these sets.  The worst part about them were their immense size of the set boxes.  I bought two cases of 100 sets each.  The boxes they came in could have doubled as boxes for a Kenmore washer and dryer so when the 1993 sets came out in-between the 1992 and 1993 baseball season, few dealers were warm to the idea and many dealers (including myself) did not purchase the sets.  Well, we should have.  This set contains one of the tougher and most popular Derek Jeter Rookie cards on the market.  Currently a PSA 10 version of this card sells for approximately $350.00.  It is a great card, too.  Jeter is centered right dab in the middle of the card.  Decent close-up of this 19 year old.  On the back of the card are his High School Stats. Very cool.

This card is available at Kenmore Collectibles for $325.00

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