Today’s Find: Signed Baseballs from Sports Agent, George Kalafatis including Ted Williams…

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Some collectors are purists. To them, a ball must have one signature. It must be on the sweet spot. Not personalized.  On and on with conditions.  To me, it is just fun to see a signed baseball, see who signed it and wonder what was the event that brought them all together.  For all of these baseballs, the connecting link is George Kalafatis and his clients.

Today we picked up several signed baseballs once owned by George Kalafatis, Sports Agent for Jim Rice, Mike Smithson and Oil Can Boyd.

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  • Signed sometime in 1979: Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Johnny Pesky, Luis Tiant, Butch Hobson, Bill Campbell, Dick Drago, Mike Torrez, Rick Burleson, Jerry Remy, Ted Cox, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk. No COA. $200.00
  • 1984 Boston Red Sox: Marty Barrett, Eddie Jurak, Bobby Ojeda, Johnny Pesky, Rick Miller, John Henry Johnson, Bill Buckner, Reid Nichols, Al Nipper, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Glenn Hoffman, Mike Easler, Rich Gedman, Mark Clear, Jim Rice, Ed Yost. No COA. Sell for $150.00
  • 1984 Boston Red Sox: Al Nipper, Johnny Pesky, Rich Gedman, Dennis Oil Can Boyd, Ed Jost, Jim Rice, Reid Nichols, Glenn Hoffman, Mike Easler, Rick Miller, Wade Boggs, Mike Brown, Lee Stange, Jerry Remy, Dave Stapleton, Marty Barrett, Eddie Jurak, Jackie Gutierez, Bruce Hurst, Bob Ojeda. No COA. Sell for $130.00.
  • 1986 Minnesota Twins: Keith Atherton, Allan Anderson, Bert Blyleven, Tom Kelly, Roy Lee jakson, Al Woods, Greg Gagne, Alvaro Espinoza, Mike Smithson (2), Frank Pastore, Mark Portugal, Frank Viola, Ray Fontenot, Tony Oliva, Ray Miller. No COA. Sell for $65.00
  • Carlton Fisk. No COA. Sell for $65.00.

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