Today’s Find: Mookie Betts Loose Jersey Button

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Inuit Eskimos use all parts of a whale for food, clothing, oil, netting, housing etc.  Just like the resourceful Eskimo, Leaf began in 1993 to utilize all parts of a game worn jersey. Not just pieces of jersey and patches but now Leaf started to use laundry tags and buttons. It turns out Buttons make great collectibles.  Whereas jerseys can be cut up into hundreds of pieces, a jersey only has six buttons! Instant Scarcity!

Today’s find is a 2016 Panini National Treasures Mookie Betts Game Worn Button card #5/6.  Mookie is currently leading the American League in batting average with a blistering .366 batting average. He is also fifth in the AL for On Base Percentages with .459 average. With all that activity, no wonder Mookie is losing all those buttons.

2016 National Treasures Materials Prime Button #122 Mookie Betts #5/6 $100.00

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