Today’s Find: Grade School Fails Patriots Coach, Bill Belichick. Evidence? See his “Signature”

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Look at that “signature”. We are all taught cursive in grade school.  What about Billy Belichick?  He may be our greatest living Football Coach but as a signer of cards, programs and equipment, no pride of penmanship.  All we get is print. Did he skip those classes. I’m sure there is an excellent reason why he signs in print as no one else outside of say, Shoeless Joe Jackson prints their name (Shoeless Joe was unable to sign his name so he just made an “x”). Maybe he was called into the Principal’s everyday for wearing a hoodie? Kidding aside, I do want to point out that Bill Belichick’s signature is truly unique.  He does not sign. Last time he sat down with a card company was back in 2004. In total, there is certainly less than 1500 official autographed versions of his cards.  Fans have noticed. Here are three prime examples of his poor penmanship. Ha ha.

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