Today’s Find: American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal Set

Kenmore Collectibles buys coins

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We just picked up a 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Four Medal Silver Set. It is limited to 50,000 Sets. These one ounce silver medals each depict a modern update of Lady Liberty.

The U.S. Mint puts out a nice product.  Not only are the coins attractive; the Mint goes the extra mile to present these coins in a most memorable way.   Coins come in leather or mahogany boxes. Translucent paper envelops the inner box. Boxes are draped in silk or velour-like material. All coin sets come with certificate / composition sheets. And some of the high-end sets like this one, will have a great little booklet to go with the set.

Originally priced at $199.95 if ordered direct from the U.S. Mint, Kenmore Collectibles is offering this set for $160.00, a savings of $40.00. To learn more here is the product details from the U.S. Mint Website.

If you have any U.S. Commemorative coins or medals that you are looking to sell, let us know.  Always buying.

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