Today’s Find: 2017 Fleer Ultra Marvel Spider-Man Preserved Amber Set. B&W #/175

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Last month we featured a Jambalaya Spider-Man Set.  It sold for $500.00.  Today, we are offering up a 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Black and White Amber 30 Card Set. Only 175 Sets made.  These cards are clear acetate.  The name of the set is a bit of a mystery to me.  The cards are not black and white.  They have that amber color, you find in certain beers. Think Jurassic Park.

This set contains a plethora of Super Villains and allies, Peter Parker has fought with or against since he first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1962.  If these images look familiar, the art design is a throwback to the original Spider-Man Ultra product that came out back in 1995. Here is the checklist

PA1 Venom
PA2 Jackpot
PA3 Jackal
PA4 Tinkerer
PA5 Vulture
PA6 Doctor Strange
PA7 Green Goblin
PA8 Kaine
PA9 Mary Jane Parker
PA10 Lizard
PA11 Kingpin
PA12 Sandman
PA13 Mr. Negative
PA14 Boomerang
PA15 Morbius
PA16 Rhino
PA17 Punisher
PA18 Daredevil
PA19 Spider-Woman
PA20 J. Jonah Jameson
PA21 Luke Cage
PA22 Black Cat
PA23 Hammerhead
PA24 Chameleon
PA25 Deadpool
PA26 Carnage
PA27 Hobgoblin
PA28 Alistair Smythe
PA29 Deathlok
PA30 Spider-Man

All 30 Cards for $100.00 Dlvd. 

If interested in this set or would like to sell us any other cool non-sports sets, please contact us.

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