Today’s Find: 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame $5.00 Gold Coin

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As you have probably noticed in the Today’s Find Post, we highlight both coins and sports collectibles. Our shop in Kenmore Square specializes in both. We try to keep the posts interesting but unfortunately, what excites a coin collector might bore a sports card enthusiast and vice versa. It is rare when the two hobbies meet. It took the U.S. Mint to get these two separate hobbies to meet and share history.

In 2014 the U.S. Mint  released its first ever curved coins in gold, silver and clad to celebrate the National Baseball Hall of Fame and its 75th anniversary.

The U.S. Mint produced 50,000 $5.00 Gold Proof Coins.  The coin is actually very clever.  The inside of the coin is the image of an open glove, the outside image is the curved shape of a baseball.  The actual gold weight of this coin is the same as an old time $5.00 gold coin, .2419 troy ounces (nearly 1/4 of an ounce).

Kenmore Collectibles has two of these coins with presentation boxes and paper work available. $450.00 each.


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