Today’s Find: 2000 Absolute #195 Tom Brady Rookie #490/3000

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Today Dan brought in a smattering of Tom Brady Rookie cards that he bought way back in 2000. Motivated by his father’s windfall of selling his 1960s cards, Dan decided to try his hand at “card investing”.  Dan was 13 when he decided to spend  his allowance on Tom Brady cards.  As you know, he hit the jackpot. He showed me an SP Authentic Rookie (currently valued at $6000.00). He paid $15.00 for it. I was unsuccessful purchasing that card but I did pick up the 2000 Absolute Tom Brady Rookie pictured.

All Tom Brady cards have done remarkably well since their debut.  Below is a chart of how the Absolute Rookie has done in raw condition.  Back in 2000, this card could be purchased for $2.00. It took over 10 years and three Super Bowl Rings before the card reached $50.00. It was not until 2017 when the card shot up to $150.00.  Today his Absolute card, ungraded can fetch up to $220.00.  An amazing run.

We love Tom Brady cards. If you have one for sale, let us know. We will make you an offer.

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