Today’s Find: 1974 Topps Washington Nationals. The What?

Today's Find

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I was eight years old when I first started collecting baseball cards – the year was 1974.  I organized all the cards by team.  All the teams had about the same number of cards wrapped tightly in their rubber bands except for one. To complicate matters, this team was not listed in the baseball standings inside the Boston Globe.  The team was Washington Nat’l Lea. I used to ask my baseball friends, who are the “Na tell uhs?

Of course, it was the San Diego Padres.  The Topps company made these cards in late 1973  believing that C. Arnholt Smith, the Padres owner was selling his team to Washington DC investors for 12 Million Dollars. Instead Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s founder and owner matched the price and kept the Padres in San Diego. *

These Washington National League / San Diego Padres Variation cards were pulled early out of the Topps packs. They make a great collectible. We picked up 14 of the 15 Variation Cards.  #32 Johnny Grubb, #53 Fred Kendall, #77 Rich Troedson, #102 Bill Grief, #125 Nate Colbert, #148 Dave Hilton, #173 Randy Jones, #197 Vincente Romo, #226 Team Card, #241 Glenn Beckert, #250 Willie McCovey, #309 Dave Roberts, #364 Cito Gaston, #387 Rich Morales, Missing #599 Dave Freisleben.

EX-MT Condition. $50.00 for the group.

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Here is a great article about the 1974 Washington Nationals. See the prototype uniform!

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