Today’s Find: 1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth SGC 2.5 GOOD+

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Little kids ask me all the time, “Do I have any Babe Ruth cards?”   I avoid looking at them and point sheepishly to either a 1973 All-Time RBI Leader card or his 1976 Topps All Time Greats card.  I know very well what they want to see.  They want to see a REAL Babe Ruth card, a card during his playing days. Truth is, vintage Ruth cards do not walk in on their own.  Families save them.  They pass them down to their children.  The card is rarely ever seen again outside of the safety deposit box.  Well, I got news for you kid, I’m staring you right in the face. Behold. A 1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth card!  It’s the real deal.   This card is well centered with sharp focus and just a teensy weensy amount of corner wear.  Okay, a lot of corner wear. No apparent creases.  I just realized, he’s holding a bat. Now, why didn’t I see that before? That is how nice the focus is on this card.

Please let me know what you think? Do you like it? Do you own one?

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