Today’s Best Pull: 2017/18 Panini Contenders Basketball Pack

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This year’s NBA roster is chock full of excellent freshman players.  Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell, Lauri Markkanen, Jayson Tatum, Kyle Kuzma to name just a few. That is why this season of Panini Basketball is pretty special.  Like shooting fish in a barrel, finding a top notch rookie / jersey or signature is downright easy compared to year’s past.

This morning, Charley, a new customer and self-confessed neophyte collector opened one pack of 2017/18 Panini Contenders Basketball.  As he thumbed through the hidden cards,  the insert he came upon was the dreaded Redemption card*. Some of the best pulls in the hobby are found as redemption cards. It was flipped backwards in the pack to add to the drama.  He turned the redemption over and boom! He got a Rookie Variation Season Donovan Mitchell Signature card numbered to 75.  One redemption just sold on Ebay for $350.00.

*The redemption is a “promised” card that the manufacturer places in a pack with the “promise” it will send the card.   A redemption is usually a signature card of an athlete for whatever reason could not sign the card in time. The dreaded part is that “promise” of receiving that signed card can take weeks or months or even longer!

Get in on the excitement! 2017/18 Panini Contenders Packs $12.50 each for a limited time only!

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