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Searching thru 1990s Baseball Cards Feels a Lot Like This…

Have you ever gone thru a dumpster behind a 7/11 to hunt for tossed out scratched lottery tickets only to find $5.00 win here or $20.00 win there?  I hope not.   The possibility of striking it rich is pretty remote but from all the stories on the Internet, one would think it happens all the […]

BUYING 1993 SP #279 Derek Jeter Rookie Card

Back in 2015, we posted a blog titled, BUYING 1993 SP #279 Derek Jeter Rookie Cards. It has been three years since that blog and prices have jumped mightily.  For example, we offered $1255 for a PSA 9 MINT in April, 2015.  Today, this same card, Kenmore Collectibles will pay $2200.00.  Here is the original […]