One of Our Pet Peeves…

Imagine you had to have heart surgery.It’s a pretty tricky operation. The specialist you hire would have to be the best, right?  You wouldn’t just want anybody doing it, right?  But what if you wanted to save money? You could  do the surgery on yourself—or if that sounds too far-fetched—you could have a friend do it for you. Heck, it’s only heart surgery! Anybody could do it, right?


Okay, selling sports cards is a far cry from heart surgery but that’s how we feel when people who know nothing about sports cards attempt to sell their cards on eBay.  Here is what we are talking about. They find a graded PSA 10 on eBay that someone is offering in a fixed auction and they consider that the going price. A) the card they own is never a Gem MINT 10 (What’s a slabbed card?) B) the auction in question is a fixed price auction with a “pie in the sky” asking price. You know the only auctions that matter are completed auctions. We get these calls every day and it drives us crazy.


If I knew nothing about the law, I wouldn’t represent myself in court. If I had to have heart surgery and I knew nothing about medicine, I wouldn’t attempt to operate on myself.  Why do people insist on selling sports cards on eBay when they do not know what they are doing? I think I would let an expert handle something I know nothing about it.


Give us a call. We are experts in selling cards.  

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