Compare Us to Them: One Ounce Gold and Silver American Eagles

Kenmore Collectibles carries One Ounce Gold and Silver American Eagle Coins.  We are very competitive.  Some investors buy online.  Apmex, Kitco, Provident, JM Metals are just a few of the big boys.  All these sites are very web friendly.  Send them a non-credit card payment and they will send you your precious metals with free shipping and free insurance (except Kitco).  Pretty swell deal actually.   However, I think we have a major advantage in two areas. 1) We sell One Ounce American Silver Eagles for less than the online sites. Much less.  2) Pay with a debit card or cash and there is no waiting period.  Take your gold and silver coins with you.

Give us a call for availability.  No sales tax for any order over $1000.00 (Massachusetts State Law)


 One Ounce American Eagles GOLD: $1340.00 SILVER: $19.77
Apmex $1,398.00 $23.36
Kitco $1,400.50 $23.01
Provident $1,402.31 $23.04
JM Metals $1,409.19 $23.17
Kenmore Collectibles $1,407.00 $22.50

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