Is the Mitchell & Ness 1951 Rookie Year “7” Mickey Mantle Signed Jersey undervalued?

Everyone knew Mantle was going to be a big deal so it came as no surprise that after Babe Ruth (Uniform #3), Lou Gehrig (#4), Joe DiMaggio (#5), the Yankees front office assigned Mickey Mantle uniform number “6”. After a batting slump, Mantle was sent down to the minors. After 40 games with Kansas City Blues, he got his chance to come back up to the bigs with uniform number “7”, the number Mantle held for the rest of his career.

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In 1992, Upper Deck teamed up with “the Mick” to create two very special commemorative jerseys.  A total of 1951 signed “6” Rookie Mitchell & Ness Jerseys and a total of 536 signed “7” Rookie Mitchell & Ness Jerseys.  These jerseys have been sought after but for some odd reason, the “6” jersey sells from 10% – 20% more than the “7” jersey. We have provided sales on eBay from June 2013 to June 2014. As eBay does not allow viewers to see full descriptions after the item is listed for three months, we cannot be sure who or how the jersey was marketed but this is the raw data.  All are Mitchell & Ness 1951 reproduction wool jerseys and all have certificates either from Upper Deck or PSA or JSA. So the question remains, if there are almost four times as many “6” Jerseys out there and that is the only difference between the shirts, why arent the “7” jerseys selling for more? Perhaps it is the total number of “7” Jerseys out there regardless of the special rookie ones made.  There are probably thousands of “7” Jerseys out there made by Russell, Spalding, Mitchell & Ness but only a finite number of “6” jerseys.  That is all well and good but Mickey Mantle signed only 536, “7” Rookie Jerseys and if collectors can focus on that and not the total number of “7” jerseys out there, one day “7” Rookie Jerseys will eclipse “6” Rookie Jerseys.

Date Sold Sold For Jersey # COA
8/25/2013 $ 4,200.00 6 UDA
7/18/2013 $ 4,050.00 6 UDA
2/5/2014 $ 3,701.00 6 UDA
10/23/2014 $ 3,595.00 7 PSA
2/12/2014 $ 3,300.00 7 UDA
6/26/2013 $ 3,200.00 7 UDA
11/18/2013 $ 2,348.00 7 JSA
7/16/2013 $ 2,247.00 7 ?
8/17/2013 $ 2,206.00 7 UDA
12/2/2013 $ 2,050.00 7 JSA


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