Goodbye Boston, Hello Sarasota Florida

Fine Home Consignments

The rumor is true. We are no longer in Boston. We are now in sunny Florida. Bet you are surprised, right? Mike Gill, my business partner and the coin buyer kept hinting he wanted to retire. Get away from the snow. Travel to foreign lands. Well, I guess him saying it so often must have got to me, too. So after 32 years of operating (the best) sports card shop in Boston, we packed our bags and moved to Beverly… um…beautiful Sarasota Florida.

My brother owns, Fine Home Consignments, a high-end used furniture and furnishings store on North 301. Great place if you want to check it out. He has graciously allowed us to operate Kenmore Collectibles, inside his store. To make it work, however, we will no longer be a retail store. We won’t have cards or boxes for sale.

We will continue to offer the following services:

  • Evaluate and ship cards to PSA. We are still an authorized PSA dealer.
  • Purchase Sports Cards and Gold Bullion
  • Consult with you on how to maximize the potential of your coin or sports card collection. 

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