In a Galaxy Far Far Away… 1977 Topps Star Wars Sets. First Five Series 1-330 Complete

In a galaxy far far away

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These Star Wars sets are in NM/MT condition. Each set contains 66 cards.  A color photo on the front, fun facts or puzzle pieces on the back.The movie was such a big hit, the folks at Topps and Twenty Century Fox produced five sets for this one movie. A great keepsake for an old or new Star Wars fan.

Available for  $150.00

My first memory of Star Wars was during the summer of 1977. Me and my camp bunkmates  won cleanest cabin; the prize was to go see a movie.  I thought I knew movies, I was but 11 years old.  Two movies were playing at the cinema that day.  The Pink Panther Strikes Again and some movie called, Star Wars.  I voted for the Pink Panther movie reasoning that nothing can happen in space, there’s no oxygen, it’s just space! All my bunkmates wanted to see Star Wars. I was outvoted like 10 to 1. I went into that movie fuming, I was sure everyone was going to be bored and I would be vindicated.  It turns out, I was really really wrong about Star Wars. It was much much better than the Pink Panther! Darth Vader Ruled! I, like millions of other kids who saw that original film fell in love with Star Wars.

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