Looking to Sell Gold or Silver?

Looking to Sell Gold or Silver?

Great. We are always looking for new inventory.

We BUY almost all forms of gold or silver: Coins, Bullion Bars, Rounds, Jewelry, Silverware, Tea Sets Serving Trays even Teeth.

We Buy Sterling Silver but not Silver Plate. Silver Plate is like a light coating of silver but only a minuscule amount. Sterling silver items will usually say “Sterling” or “.925 or “.900” (that is the percentage of silver that makes up the item). If you are unsure, we can test the item for you.

If you would like to see what we pay for gold and silver, go to our Buy Page.

Give us a call at (617) 482-5705 or contact us using this convenient form. Tell us what you have to sell and if we are interested, we will are you an offer or ask you to stop by.

As a handy guide, take a photo of a few samples you are looking to sell. The front & the back. Please point out any issue that you might see. Gather up all the original paperwork if they exist.  Items are worth more in their original boxes.

Contact us

    Mon-Sat: Please Call for an appointment 617-482-5705
    or email us info@kenmorecollectibles.com

    56 Chestnut Hill Ave. Suite 104, Brighton MA 02135