Today’s Find: 1989 China 50 Yuan 1 oz Palladium Ultra Cameo Proof Coin

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The Chinese people revere and love the panda as a symbol of friendship, peace and good luck. As strong as a tiger but with a calm demeanor, their black and white coloring represent a balance between yin and yang. The Chinese loan out panda bears to zoos throughout the globe to generate goodwill. The panda is the World’s cutest ambassador. It is no wonder the panda is on Chinese coins.

Only 3000 Palladium Pandas were minted. It is the only year the Chinese created a one ounce version.  Our coin is still in its original plastic sleeve and comes with its original certificate of authenticity. It does not have the original box.  These coins have always been sought after. They sell from as little as $2000.00, up to $4000.00 depending on condition. If you are interested in the price, please inquire.

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