Tom Brady Autographed Rookies – Ranked From Easiest to Hardest to Find

Perhaps you heard about the Tom Brady Rookie card that recently sold for $400,000.00? That was a 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Autograph Rookie Card. Did that news make you want to pull out your old football cards again?   As one of the last sports card shops in Boston, we can tell you first hand, Tom Brady Rookie cards have been on fire.  

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are 135 different Tom Brady Rookie cards. That’s a lot for a guy drafted in the Sixth Round. However, only 11 of these rookie cards are single signed autographed cards. These 11 cards are the most cherished cards in the hobby today but which one is the rarest of them all?  How many did the card companies make? We will never truly know as six of the eleven autograph cards are not serial numbered.  Our best guess is relying on the PSA and Beckett Grading Service Population Reports.  This will tell us how many cards of each Rookie Autograph collectors submitted.

Here are the 11 Tom Brady Autographed Rookie cards ranked from Easiest to find to the near impossible. This list will surprise you!
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2000 Playoff Contenders #144 Rookie Ticket Card

PSA and Beckett Combined Population Report: 810

Of all the Tom Brady Autograph Rookies out there, this one has been graded the most  (I told you would be surprised). This stat does not mean that Playoff Contenders is the most common. Perhaps it suggests of all the non-serial numbered cards, this card is the most popular one to be graded. This could be because it is one of only two autos where Tom is in a Pats uniform.  In a recent auction, a Beckett Graded (BGS) 9 sold for $14,000.00.


2000 Fleer Autographics #17 Rookie Card

PSA and BGS Population Report: 518

This is another autograph card without a serial number. Here Tom is wearing Michigan Blue and Gold. Ungraded versions of this card sell in the $800.00 range.  A BGS 9 MINT card recently sold for $1600.00.

Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards
Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards


2000 Press Pass Autograph #3

PSA and BGS Population Report: 445

If you asked most Tom Brady Collectors, they would say this Press Pass card would be the most common one (and they’d be wrong). Never truly sought after, Collectors bought this Collegiate product if they could not wait for Topps, Fleer and Upper Deck to print the NFL cards later in the year. If a collectible is something that has gone from something forgotten to highly sought after, this is the card.  Ungraded this card sells for $750.00. A PSA 10 just sold for $2400.00 (March 2019)


2000 Pacific Crown Royale Rookie #110 Autograph

Combined PSA & BGS Population Report: 226

Yet another non-serial numbered card. The Pacific Card company made 38 different Tom Brady Rookie cards, the very most of all the card manufacturers. Of those 38, only 2 are autograph versions. This is a tricky card to find in nice condition because of all the irregular edges.  Ungraded this card sells for $1100.00.  A PSA 10 just sold for $2600.00

Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards
Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards


2000 Score Rookie Preview #SR41

PSA & BGS Population Report: 165

This is where card prices start to get insane. When you see this card up-close, the color and sheen of this card is quite striking. The signature can easily be seen unlike the Pacific Crown (#8). It is truly a great card. Collectors feel the same way. Ungraded it can sell for $800.00 but as a PSA 10 be prepared to spend $5400.00.


2000 Playoff Contenders#144 Championship Ticket #/100

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 85

Okay, bet you are surprised that this #6?  Yup, this is the Tom Brady card, graded BGS 9 that sold on Ebay for $400,000.00.  This suggests that the rarest is not always the most desirable.  Only 100 exist of this card and virtually all of them have been graded.  Yes, 85 have been sent to PSA and Beckett but that does not mean at this very moment 85 of the 100 Championship cards are in holders. Often times collectors will crack out a card and send it back over and over again hoping to fetch a higher grade.  I guarantee you there are more than 15 cards out there still ungraded.

A warning to collectors: If you are in search for a raw version of this card, beware of counterfeits and cards that are too small to be graded. PSA and Beckett will not assign a grade to this card if the factory cut the card too short.

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2000 Pacific #403 Autograph. #/200

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 80

Only 200 made of this card. Crack open a Beckett price guide and they report that NM/MT version of this card should sell from $300 – $500. Ha ha ha. This is why nobody uses Beckett price guides for hot cards!  A BGS 9.5 Gem MINT version of this card just sold for $3,100.00. Come to think of it, that sounds like a bargain.



2000 Fleer Tradition #17 Autographics Silver. #/250.

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 76

Before the New England Patriots won their Sixth Title way back in December, 2018 a BGS 9 version of this card sold for $3550.00. This card is notorious for chipping. No card has graded better than a MINT 9. 

Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards
Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards


2000 Press Pass Gold Standout.

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 42

This is surprising! From the Population report, one has to ask, who knew Press Pass made so few of these cards? Of course, it could be few collectors sent these cards in to the graders but I truly doubt it. You would have to be living in the jungles of the Amazon not to know Tom Brady autograph are as good as gold.   And yet, In a recent Ebay auction, a PSA 9 sold for $1550.00.  That is not a lot of money for a very tough card to find.


2000 Score Rookie #SR41 Preview Roll Call  #/50.

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 18

On the top of this card, above Tom Brady’s helmet, it says Rookie Roll Call. The other Score card on this list says Rookie Preview.  On the back of the card, it is numbered to 50. This card is nowhere to be found. The last BGS 9.5 Gem MINT card sold for $12,000.00.


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2000 Fleer Tradition #17 Autographics Gold. #/50.

PSA & BGS Combined Pop Report: 16

This is the Grand Daddy of the all!  Only 50 made. Only 16 graded. I had a hard time just trying to find a picture to post of this card! As I mentioned about the Silver Autographics, chipping occurs around the borders so there are few high graded ones.

In February 2019, a PSA 9 Autograph 10 sold for just about $13,000.00.  

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