Today’s Find: This 1967 Boston Red Sox…er…ummm…1968 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball

Remember that scene in Mel Brooks, History of the World, when Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai with three tablets. As Moses starts his pronouncement,  “the Lord Jehovah has given unto thee these fifteen” he accidentally drops one of the tablets and it  shatters to the ground,  “these ten, ten Commandments”. Well, that is what I have here.  Today’s Find is this gorgeous 1967 Boston Red Sox, whoops, this 1968 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball.  Is ten as good as fifteen? Is 1968 as good as 1967?  I bought this ball yesterday from a customer who said that his baseball was a 1967 ball. I just accepted that it was.  A cursory look suggested it was.  Tony Conigliaro was not there but Elston Howard was as well as Jim Lonborg, Reggie Smith, Rico Petrocelli and Carl Yastrzemski.  We agreed to a price of $450.00.  Everyone was happy. Until…

Until I sat down to decipher who was on the ball.  Everyone was there who was supposed to be there except one, Gary Roggenburk. He played, guess when…the following year, 1968. Ugh. This ball was no longer from the  American League Championship year. It no longer had that pedigree of greatness. Folks if you purchase a 1967 Red Sox baseball, make sure Gary Roggenburk is nowhere to be found on that ball.

What I have to offer today is a cleanly signed baseball with 29 Signatures from the 1968, Boston Red Sox.  Signed in black and blue ball point pen.  No stains on this cream white ball (not an official American League baseball). Price $350.00

  • Key Signatures: Rico Petrocelli, Jim Lonborg, Reggie Smith, Carl Yastrzemski, Bobby Doerr (Coach), Dick Williams (Manager)
  • Other Signatures: Ken Harrelson, Luis Alvarado, Dave Morehead, Gerry Moses, Floyd Robinson, Gary Bell, Ray Culp, Jerry Adair, Gary Roggenburk, Juan Pizarro, Russ Nixon, Sparky Lyle, Jerry Stephenson, Lee Stange, Darrell Johnson, Jose Tartabull, Mike Andrews, Elston Howard, George Thomas, Darrell Brandon, Russ Gibson, George Scott, Al Lakeman (Coach)

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