Today’s Find: One Dollar Educational Note

Kenmore Collectibles Buys U.S. Currency Note

This is an 1896 One Dollar Silver Certificate. Also known as the Educational note as this neoclassical image depicts History, here in female form, teaching a boy about U.S. History. This note is often considered by many numismatists as one of the finest notes ever engraved by the U.S. Treasury. And I would agree. All around the the border of this note are names of famous Americans, novelists, military leaders, statesman. On the Reverse, George and Martha Washington. As incredible as this note appears, it was only printed for three years and replaced. This 1896 Series Silver Certificate FR 225. in VG Condition is available for $200.00. We also picked up several other interesting currency notes. Please stop in to inquire.

Kenmore Collectibles Buys Currency Notes

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