Today’s Find: 2000 Playoff Contenders Football Box. Chance of a Tom Brady Signature Rookie Card!!

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I was very excited when Jason called us from Maine about his 2000 Playoff Contenders Football Box.  He did not want to sell it but he wanted the proceeds to help pay for his son’s Senior year in college.  I said I would do my homework and I’d get back to him.  It turns out that these 2000 Playoff Contenders Football Boxes have shot thru the roof since the beginning of this year.  Last year, Playoff Contender boxes sold in the $2500.00 range.  As of today (August 16th), one sold on ebay for $4700.00!!  That is practically double!  I’m happy to say we made an agreement with Jason. We own the box plus we picked up a lot of other cool Patriots stuff from him that I’ll write about soon.  If interested in this box, we are taking offers.

Imagine. What would you do with a 2000 Playoff Contenders Football box?

  • Would you open it? A Tom Brady Signature Rookie card is worth $11,000.00 in PSA 9 MINT Condition,   You could potentially pocket $6000.00
  • Perhaps you might do a box break on Youtube? There are 12 packs, 5 cards in each.  Chance of two signatures.  At $433.00 a pack, you could generate $5200.00
  • Why not put it away? It has value left unopened.  Who knows? Twenty years from now, you might use the proceeds to help pay for your kid’s college tuition.

If you have any unopened wax boxes or Tom Brady Rookie cards for sale, please contact us.

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