Today’s Find: 1950 Bowman #98 Ted Williams. PSA 8 NM-MT OC

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For the record this card has sold for $3850.00 as a straight PSA 8. There is an old myth in this card business that an off-center qualifer (OC) knocks a card down by one grade.  Really? Okay then, as a PSA 7 NM, Ted Wiliams sells for $750.00. Does this card look NM to you? This card is severely off-center. I think we can throw that old adage out the window.

This brings up a fascinating aspect of my job.  Before embarking on purchasing any card or piece of memorabilia, I have to know what the retail price will be and I have to figure out how to sell it.  The what and the how.  I’ve done this a long time so I have an inkling on what I’m doing but here’s the rub; sometimes I just don’t know.  Sometimes, I encounter an item that intrigues me but I’m not really sure of the price or how to sell it.  Often, that ignorance is enough to pass on an item. Other times, I take my chances.  I like this Ted Williams so I decided to take a gamble. Here is why I bought it.

  • The card is clean. Great color. In focus. Sharp corners.
  • Most collectors would love to own one in their collection but not everyone can afford a high end version.
  • The PSA OC mythology.

If I were to grade this card if it were not in a holder, I would grade it VG-EX but clearly what do I know, right? This card will sell for approximately $400.00 based on the factors I mentioned above.

I will place this on Ebay and see what the market dictates.  If you would like to follow along or bid on it, here is the link.

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