Today’s Find: 1902 Ten Dollar National Bank Note of Newark FR627 VF $225.00

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If you collect American coins for their beauty and history, consider collecting American Banknotes.  Personally, I like them because of their artwork. Nothing to me says America and all that it stands for more than old time banknotes.  Something about the neo classical look that just makes me feel good. Symbols that represent hope, liberty, honor. Perhaps it was a big PR stunt and our country never truly delivered on its promises but I look at those notes and it reminds me of how much pride we as Americans had for our country.

This 1902 Ten Dollar National Banknote features President McKinley on the front. It was a year earlier that he had been assassinated. The back of the note is figure depicting liberty and progress. National Banknotes were backed by the Federal Government and issued by local banks. The program started in 1863 and ended in 1935. I believe each note was signed by the cashier and president of each bank. The notes were sent to the bank in sheets and were manually cut, sometimes by scissors.

Our note is in VF condition. For comparison sake, here is another note I found online.

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