1954 Topps #47 Cal Gardner PSA 7 NM. Boston Bruins (1953 – 1957)

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1954 Topps #47 Cal Gardner PSA 7 NM. Touches of wear in corners. Excellent focus and color.

Before 1954, hockey cards were a bit lacking.  Either too small,  poorly drawn or just plain murky.  It took an upstart like Topps with all their talents creating sports and non-sports cards to come up with the first outstanding hockey card set.   Topps was able to tackle one of the issues that dogged Parkhurst: how to make hockey look exciting on a piece of cardboard.

The new card measured an eye-popping 2 5/8″ x 3 3/4″.   The bigger size allowed the Topps artists to draw the players in action instead of using dimly lit images in the hockey arena. The blue and red borders with white background allowed the player to be the star of the card.  To imitate the fast pace of hockey, the artists drew in the “blue ice” spraying off their skates.

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