I have been doing business with Peter for close to 20 years. I have purchased cards from Kenmore Collectibles and have found they are very knowledgeable and fairly priced. There is no pressure selling and Peter actually gives you honest feedback about value for money that may not be in his interest for maximizing sales, but is in my interest as customer. They helped me fill wish lists of players and product. Now that I have had to sell some of my collection that same service as a buyer I now receive as a seller. Peter has given me the pros and cons as to how to maximize the proceeds from selling my collection and has assisted me in that process. I cannot recommend Peter and Kenmore Collectibles highly enough as a buyer or seller.

Kevin Q. - 7/6/2012

I wanted to sell some gold and lucked out finding this place online. The man who assessed my pieces was honest — suggesting I hold onto an antique watch band. I’ve been there twice now and both times was pleasantly shocked by how much money I received for jewelry I no longer wore. I have been telling friends, family and co-workers about how great this place is.


This is a baseball card, sports memorabilia, and rare coins and money shop right in Kenmore Square.

The guys who work there are really helpful and knowledgeable. I went in looking for a simple item (a display case for a baseball card) and just wondered if they had a card for a pretty unknown Red Sox first basemen from 1947. The guy didn’t have one (of course. I don’t know if anybody does), but he went through the trouble to look the player up in a reference book and let me know how many cards were ever issued for the guy, when, and by what company.

The other person working seemed equally as helpful. A really nice atmosphere and some pretty awesome stuff for the diehard sports fan.

They buy cards, memorabilia, and rare coins and paper money, and they also buy silver and gold (to melt down) at good prices. They post their prices daily on the website.

Rachel C., Atlanta, GA - 12/23/2008

I sold some old coins here. They were fair in the sale and gave me just a little less that what I think I would have gotten for them on eBay. I was okay with that since selling on eBay is such a hassle. The staff member who I sold my coins to was friendly and professional and did not have that unpleasant air of “eww, here comes another person trying to sell something” that I’ve experienced at other stores offering to buy items. I would definitely recommend this store if you’re looking to sell some coins.

Sarah A., Brookline, MA - 8/19/2011

After reading the positive reviews about Kenmore Collectibles on Yelp, I called Peter to discuss selling my 1950s baseball card collection. Throughout our discussions, Peter has been consistently knowledgeable, honest, thoughtful, and fair. I discussed what I wanted to get out of the transaction with him, and he suggested the best course of action for me to maximize the value of my cards. I ended up selling some of my cards directly to him, and I am in the process of having the others graded by PSA to sell through Kenmore Collectibles on consignment. Kenmore Collectibles is a top-notch small business.

Zachary F., Providence, RI - 12/3/2011

My boyfriend and I went here to sell some gold and silver, as well as some of his football cards. The gentlemen who worked there were very kind and I trusted their knowledge. The price the gave us for the silver and gold was very good.

As for the football cards, the gentleman told my boyfriend that he would probably get better money for them in a different market (the cards were Miami Dolphins players). I really respected that they were honest with us.

It is a cute, clean little shop and by going here you can feel good about supporting a local business.

Gina I., Brighton, MA - 7/24/2011

This cozy shop is near BU and Fenway Park and if you are looking to buy or sell coins, trading cards, or other memorabilia I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The owners are very welcoming and willing to spend as much time with you as you need. I worked with Mike to price a small coin collection, and he was very patient and fair in his evaluation; he’s someone I really trusted to handle the transaction.

Be sure to bring a treat for Dodger the Dog!

Perry D., North Attleborough, MA - 9/19/2011

I highly recommend Kenmore Collectibles if you are looking to sell items. One phone call to their store will validate all the good reviews that they have received.
I was recently looking to sell gold and silver coins. I called a few places and visited two stores. The first one I visited was a bad experience. The store and the owner was very disorganized and was definitely rushing me through the process. I had never sold coins before, so I wanted to feel comfortable with whom I was working with… should too…
I called Kenmore Collectibles twice. Each time on the phone, Kenmore Collectibles were informative and took the time to listen to my questions and answer them thoroughly.
When I went into the store, they once again were personable, patient and informative. If I am ever in the market to sell coins again (or sports cards, memorabilia) I would not hesitate to go back there. Highly Recommended…..


Terrific Consignment Experience
I consigned a rather large sports card accumulation with the folks at Kenmore and had a really fine experience. They were able to sell at market prices everything from pre-war cards to recent Hall Of Famers, sets, singles, graded and ungraded, the works. They did this with below normal [in my experience] consignment rates, way above average communication skills and absolute, stone cold honesty and integrity. They have handled my sports collectibles, stamps and precious metals with the same result every single time. Sale at market prices in a rapid time frame with timely remittance to me. Anyone in my shoes could not pick a better, more professional and honest consigner. They get A-Plus rating from me. They are simply the best at what they do, period.

penright‎ - 01/04/2009

Great shop, reasonable pricing, friendly service, highly reputable
I’ve never had a bad experience at this shop. Mike and Peter are always helpful and have the newest cards as well as soom older ones for those that like vintage stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the hobby or just looking to get back in. You can go in and ask questions and aren’t made to feel bad if you don’t buy anything.
Pros: Prices, selection, service

timdog99 - 08/24/2007