NEW INFO: Bowman Chrome Wrapper Redemptions

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2013 Bowman Chrome just arrived at the shop.

$150/jumbo box & $14/jumbo packs. $72/hobby box & $4.50/hobby packs.

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We got this in our email a few days ago. So, without further ado…

Every year, collectors and baseball prospectors look forward to the release of Bowman Chrome Baseball. It’s the only place where you can get Baseball’s top prospects and rookies on a beautiful shiny chrome card. Bowman Chrome delivers autographed chrome cards, colorful parallels, autograph die cuts of young Major League stars and creative inserts. Inserts include “Risin’ Thru the Ranks” Minis, Bowman Black, Fit the Bill and the Blue Sapphire Refractors. Needless to say, Bowman Chrome is loaded!

But that is not all. 2013 Bowman Chrome will include a WRAPPER REDEMPTION PROGRAM featuring an exclusive Blue Wave Prospect Parallel pack, which includes randomly inserted Red Wave Parallels and Autographs. Here is how collectors can get their hands on this exclusive pack.

• Cut the UPC code off of a Hobby or Jumbo Box of Bowman Chrome and send to the address below. 1 UPC code will allow you to get one 5-card pack!

• Mail 24 Retail pack wrappers of Bowman Chrome to the address below, 24 packs will get you 1 pack

Please mail UPCs and Retail Packs to:

Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Promotion
PO BOX 2008
Duryea, PA 18642

Please note due to the limited number of blue wave packs, there is maximum of 10 packs per household and Blue Wave Packs will be redeemed ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (once packs are gone, requests will not be filled regardless if your UPCs/wrappers have been sent in). All packs and UPC codes must be postmarked Sept. 27th 2013 or after. Topps will NOT accept any wrappers or UPCs that are postmarked prior to 9/27/13.

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