Is there parking?

Yes. It is metered. In the front and back of the building and there is almost always a spot available.  Bring quarters.

Does Kenmore Collectibles authenticate sports memorabilia onsite?

No we do not.Contact JSA (James Spence Authentication Service (www.spenceloa.com) or PSA/DNA (www.psacard.com). They come to this area twice a year or send your item out to them.

Does Kenmore Collectibles Buy Autographed Items?

Yes, but only items with certificates of authenticity from reputable companies such as TriStar, MLB, PSA/DNA, UDA or JSA.  If we are very interested in your item we will help you get your item authenticated.

Does Kenmore Collectibles buy sports cards from the 1980s-1990s?

No, with the exception of graded PSA or BGS cards, Basketball cards up to 1987, Unopened Boxes, Unopened Pre-1986 Sets

Does Kenmore Collectibles pay in cash or check?

Items over $1000, we pay by check.

Is there sales tax on gold and silver?

Yes up to purchase of $1000.00. State law allows purchases of precious metals over $1000.00 to be tax-free.

Do people who sell gold or silver from an inheritance have to declare it on their Federal Taxes?

As long as the value is below $14,000 per year from one parent or $28,000 from both parents, the answer is no. Above these numbers, your relative would need to file a tax return. However, no federal taxes are paid out unless the total inheritance is above $5,490,000.  The same is true for Massachusetts residents but only up to $1,000,000.

Can customers special order gold or silver?

Yes, there is a 3% charge with a 20% down payment is required.

What forms of payment does Kenmore Collectibles accept for gold and silver bullion?

Due to the very close margins we work on, only Debit or Cash are accepted.

Does Kenmore Collectibles take consignments?

Yes. If item sells in our store, we charge 20%. If you want us to put it up on Ebay, it is $15.00 per auction, minimum of 10 auctions. Ebay / PayPal / Shipping fees are the consignors responsibility.

What does Kenmore Collectibles pay for PSA / BGS / BVG / SGC cards?

We pay 75% of the average Ebay final price of that card.  For example.  If the last (5) 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA 7 Rookie cards sold for $1100.00 on eBay, our buy price would be $825.00

Does Kenmore Collectibles appraise coins or cards?

Yes. We charge $100.00 per hour. If you decide to sell to us, we subtract out the appraisal fee.

Is it okay to clean coins?

Only soap and water and a fine cloth. No silver cleaner. Cleaned or “wiped” coins are very difficult to sell and lose a lot of their value.

Does Kenmore Collectibles send coins or cards out to be graded for customers?

You plan on selling us the card (prices will be discussed prior) or if you have been a good regular customer

Will Kenmore Collectibles travel to see a collection?

Yes, on a rare occasion we will do that.

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