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BUYING One Ounce Silver Chinese Panda Coins. China 1 oz

Kenmore Collectibles is a buyer of 1983 – 2018 10 Yuan Silver Coins. It is a bit tricky to just say China has minted a one ounce silver Panda coin since 1983. Some of the 10 Yuan coins  have a different composition (from 90% to 99.9% Silver). Some 10 Yuan are different weights (from 27 […]

We Buy Bobbleheads. Boston Edition

Kenmore Collectibles buys Bobbleheads.  Ideally, we are looking for bobbleheads that are in MINT Condition with their original boxes.  If the bobble is from the 1960s, we understand if the box is missing or there is a bit of chipped paint.  The following is what we would pay if these Boston themed bobbleheads are in […]

What are 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Cards Worth?

Kenmore Collectibles buys 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards

Babe Ruth retired from the Majors in 1935, over eighty years ago and yet, we still talk about Babe Ruth like he just hit a walk-off home run yesterday.  This is the impact Babe Ruth has had on the game of baseball. No one comes close.  As you can well imagine, his baseball cards are […]

Buying One Ounce China Gold Panda Bear Coins. 1oz Chinese Pandas

The One Ounce China Gold Panda Coin was first minted in 1982. The obverse depicts The Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven. The reverse contains an image of a panda. Every year, the Chinese Mint create a New Panda Bear design. Kenmore Collectibles is looking to purchase Gold Pandas. In […]

Why Graduating ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen Need a Silver Dollar

It is a tradition for graduating cadets and midshipmen to present to their military instructor a silver dollar in exchange for their first salute. Because the new officer has not done any deeds yet to earn the salute, the cadet must literally pay for it. That one dollar may not seem like much but to […]

Wanted: Signed Sports Pictures to Fill Empty Wall

Kenmore Collectibles is buying

Recently, we sold  several 16×20 sized Signed Sports Memorabilia pieces. Our walls look rather bare. . IF you have any of the following signed Football, Baseball, Basketball or Hockey players, we will pay the following: Tom Brady $500.00 Michael Jordan $600.00 Derek Jeter $400.00 Wayne Gretzky $250.00 Bobby Orr $175.00 David Ortiz $150.00 Miracle on […]

The 80 Rarest Michael Jordan Cards Hidden in Plain Sight. 1980s – 1990s

As I wrote a few weeks back, most cards from the 1980s – 1990s may be fun to own but valuable?  Ha ha ha.  Not too many.  However before you throw out Uncle Harry’s beloved binder of sports cards you inherited, you need to know which Michael Jordan cards to rescue from the trash bin.  […]

Today’s Find: 1959 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball. Ted Williams

Today was a big purchase day.  We picked up not just a  beautiful 1986 Fleer Basketball Set, but also two Nolan Ryan Rookies and a really cool Bryce Harper Auto Patch card.  Anyone of these items would be worthy of highlighting but I think this 1959 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball starring Ted Williams […]

Today’s Best Pull: 2017/18 Panini Contenders Basketball Pack

Kenmore Collectibles buys autographs

This year’s NBA roster is chock full of excellent freshman players.  Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell, Lauri Markkanen, Jayson Tatum, Kyle Kuzma to name just a few. That is why this season of Panini Basketball is pretty special.  Like shooting fish in a barrel, finding a top notch rookie / jersey or signature is downright easy […]