Today’s Find

Today’s Find: Rickey Henderson Rookie Card in Gold and Green & One Ounce Gold Bar

Visit this post everyday and be the first to know what just walked in the door at Kenmore Collectibles. 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson Rookie Card. NM+ Condition. Nicely centered. Great color. In traditional Gold and Green. Hall-of-Famer. $50.00 One Gold Troy Ounce Credit Suisse. In Just Gold color. Still Sealed. We sell Gold bars for […]

Today’s Find: 2018 Chinese Silver Panda and 2017 One Ounce Silver Krugerrand

2018 Silver Chinese Panda BU Condition. 30 Grams of Silver (a little shy of one ounce). Yearly since 1983, a different panda design. Made in China. Many available 2017 Silver One Ounce South African Krugerrand. Uncirculated. Comes with Paperwork. Limited to 1,000,000. Very Limited, we have one. Visit this post everyday and be the first […]

Today’s Find: 1967 Topps Red Sox Stickers – Tony Conigliaro is my HERO

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Issued as a Test Issue in the Boston area, this sticker set contains 33 cards.  Three sticker cards came in a pack for a nickel.  Stickers Measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 just like regular issue cards. Floating Heads with big Comic Book Lettering, these cards have a real charm.  We have eight available for […]

Today’s Find: Baseball Wax Packs 2000 – 2009 Topps, Bowman…

Visit this post everyday and be the first to know what just walked in the door at Kenmore Collectibles. Not sure what to do with these. Picked these up in a vintage card collection. Anyone have any good ideas?  Let us know. Topps, Upper Deck, Bowman, Fleer, Donruss Call 617-482-5705 or email us at […]

Today’s Find: 5 Ruble Gold Coin. Czar Nicholas II, last Emperor of Russia

5 Ruble Gold Coin. 90 Fineness. Actual Gold Weight. .1244 troy ounces. Crowned Double Headed Eagle on Reverse. Minted in St. Petersburg. We would sell this coin for just 5% over the gold spot price.  To calculate the price. Take the spot price $1330.00 (right now) x .1244 (the weight) x 1.05 = $173.00 If […]

Today’s Find: 1971 Topps Cards and 1972 Topps Cards

Just picked up the nicest bunch of 1971 Topps Cards and 1972 Topps Cards. Had to pinch myself! Sending out approximately 100 of these little beauties to the grading service.  Contact me to reserve or inquire. Peter Visit this post everyday and be the first to know what just walked in the door at Kenmore […]

Today’s Find: 2017-18 Upper Deck Charlie McAvoy Rookie Young Guns Card

I want to highlight this Charlie McAvoy Young Guns card we just picked up because the Young Guns Franchise does not depend on autograph or low # Serial number gimmicks to be highly sought after. 2005-06 Sidney Crosby $850.00, 2015-16 Connor McDavid $500.00, 2017-18 Charlie McAvoy $50.00. Virtually every player in the NHL has a […]

Today’s Find: The Weird and Wacky 1968 and 1969 Topps Football Inserts

1968 Topps Football Stand-Ups Inserts 1969 Topps Football Four-In-Ones Inserts 1969 Topps Football Mini-Album Stamp Inserts Topps Football from the 1960s is not particularly easy to find compared to its Baseball brethren.  Topps Football Inserts are downright difficult to find.  My question is if they came in the same packs, why do we see more […]

Today’s Finds: Cast Signatures of The Simpsons, 1960’s Topps Football

8×10 Photo of the Simpsons, signed by Matt Groening, Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Nancy Cartwright (Homer). Comes with a nice little illustration of Bart. 1968 Topps and 1969 Topps Football Cards.  Stars and Commons in NM to MINT Condition. About 300 Cards Visit this post everyday and be the first to know what […]