Can you unlock the secret?

88donrussCards from the 1980’s and 1990’s: what to do with them?  How to sell them? Who buys them? This is the biggest conundrum in this hobby since 2003 when Grady Little decided to let Pedro Martinez become the manager in the ALCS. Has anyone had any luck?

We literally get two or three phone calls a day from people looking to unload their late ’80’s and early ’90’s cards. I hate to tell them, “Hey buddy, you’re on your own!” I would love to tell them “Go see so and so, they are fair. Ship them
to blah blah blah.”

Have you had any success moving your undesirable cards? I would love to share this with other collectors as well as the folks that call us on the phone. I want to help them out. Let us know.

Who knows? Whoever can figure this out could become a millionaire. There are billions of cards out there!

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