Baseballs: The Hobby’s Perfect Gift

Do you know the old saying about bananas?

They say bananas are nature’s perfect snack. Just the right size, easy to transport, full of potassium…well, it got me to thinking that baseballs are the perfect gift.

How?, you may ask.buchholz

1) Baseballs are easy to transport.  Just plop it in a bag.  This cannot be said for, say, football helmets.  As for gifts, they can be easily hidden. Try hiding a signed hockey stick.  It’s not easy.

2) They do not take up much space.  Other than an acrylic UV protected display case you might house the ball in, what other space does it need?  If you are the man of the house and you are relegated to a tiny room for your sports treasures, a baseball is a great alternative to a framed picture.

3)  For the price, every signed baseball is jam packed with great joy and emotions. A Willie McCovey might remind one fan of an era when the San Francisco Giants were undeniably the best team in baseball. A Nolan Ryan baseball could remind a collector of his own happy childhood. A fan who fancies herself to be the next Mrs. Jonny Gomes might be beside herself if she got his signature. To another fan, a Clay Buchholz baseball might mean closure as it could be the very last ball he needs for a complete set of single signed baseballs from the World Champion Boston Red Sox.

All of our baseballs come with Certificates of Authenticity that are the major players in the hobby.  These COAs can be trusted. Next time you think of a gift idea, think “signed baseball.”

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