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2015 Bowman Baseball will be live Thursday April 30th

Kenmore Collectibles is selling Bowman Baseball

The highly anticipated 2015 Bowman Baseball will be here tomorrow, April 30th.  We will have both the Hobby Boxes for $75.00 (24 packs, 10 cards per pack, 1 auto) and Jumbo Boxes for $149.00 (12 packs, 32 cards, 3 Autos).  As with every year, the major focus will be on the  Chrome Prospect Autograph Signers. […]

Who is Buying Michael Jordan Rookie Cards?

Everyone likes Mike, right?  Recently, we have had several customers asking for his rookie card.  If you have one you are willing to sell, here is what we are willing to pay for Michael Jordan Rookie Cards. Graded Cards  PSA 7 NM: $430.00 PSA 3 VG: $350.00 PSA 4 VG-EX: $400.00 PSA 5 EX: $450.00 PSA 6 EX-MT: $600.00 PSA […]

See What Walked in Today 4/23/15. Football Boxes

Today someone walked in saying they had old wax football boxes. Maybe it is the pessimist in me but  I immediately thought,  okay they are gonna say they have 1990 Score Football or 1991 Fleer Football boxes.  I hear that all the time.  So I was surprised the customer brought in some 2000’s Football boxes. […]

Who Buys Foreign Currency?

Kenmore Collectibles buys foreign currency

The people at Travelex are great.  They are a Foreign Currency Exchange Company and have local branches in the Cambridgeside Galleria and one in Downtown Boston. When you need foreign currency for a trip, they can convert your U.S. Dollars into Euros or Pesos or Pounds, whatever.  They even can convert your foreign currency back […]

Fractional Currency. See What Walked in Today 4/22/15

Kenmore Collectibles buys Fractional Currency

Not really currency, not really coins, not really postage but still really cool. The U.S. Government used fractional currency or shinplasters in lieu of silver and gold coin. Bullion was hard to come by during and immediately following the Civil War.  Gold and Silver was being hoarded as its intrinsic value was worth more than […]

Silver Quarters For Sale. See What Walked in Today 4/18/15

Kenmore Collectibles buys Silver

Today was a good day. We purchased 270 U.S. Silver Quarters.  All Quarters before 1965 consist of 90% silver. Are you one to put a little bit of your savings in precious metals?  We currently sell four quarters for $12.75.  This is a very fair price. $1.00 of change contains just about .72 of 1 ounce […]