Monthly Archives: January 2014

2014 American Silver Eagles are Now Available

As of January 13th, The U.S. Mint has started to ship out the new 2014 American Silver Eagles. Last year sales of silver bullion set a record with over 42,675,000 silver coins minted. Demand for silver has really taken off. In 2007, before the recession, about 10 Million coins were sold. ¬†Kenmore Collectibles now have […]

I Must Have Been Asleep…Sports Boxes For Sale

So here I am happily conducting business in my store and I never realized the price of wax boxes have come a tumblin down. Sure, I sell boxes here and there but business had really slowed down. I thought, well, it’s the hobby; collectors are not buying. Wrong! They are buying; just not from me. […]

Buying Older Sports Cards

Kenmore Collectibles buys sports cards

Do you have any older sports cards you are looking to sell? We are constantly in search of Buying older Sports Cards. Goudey Play Ball, Diamond Stars, U.S. Caramel, old Tobacco Cards. You name it, we are buying. Show us what you have and we will make you an offer. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Lou […]