2014 Bowman Baseball. Jose Abreu and Masahiro Tanaka

Kenmore Collectibles sells sports cards

Spiderman 2 and X-Men are hitting the theaters May 2nd and May23rd, respectively.  Nothing generates more cash for the movie studios than Super Hero movies.  Nothing in the sports hobby generates more buzz and excitement than Bowman Baseball product.  Will it be a hit or a disappointment?  Sometimes, the rookies disappoint. Well, Topps released their product yesterday and they have a bonafide hit on their hands by including Jose Abreu and Masahiro Tanaka cards in the 2014 Bowman Baseball product.  Jose Abreu has smacked 10 Homeruns this April.  Masahiro Tanaka has a 2.27 era and 3 Wins with 0 Losses.  Both players have valuable cards in this product.  Short Prints, Low Numbered cards, die-cut cards, refractors.  Jose Abreu might have the advantage as Topps was able to seed signature cards into this product.

Interested in partaking in the fun?  Kenmore Collectibles offers 24 Count Hobby Boxes of 2014 Bowman Baseball for $76.00 and 12 Count Hobby Jumbo Boxes of 2014 Bowman Baseball for $159.00.  The difference between the boxes?  Jumbo Boxes carry three autographs while the regular hobby box contains one guaKenmore Collectibles Sells Sports Cardsranteed  autograph. We also sell individual packs, too.  Stop on by or give us a call. (617) 482-5705 to reserve yours today.

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