Monthly Archives: October 2013

We Buy Foreign Coins

If you have recently been out of the country and have a drawer full of British Pounds or Chinese Yuan, you know that banks do not take foreign change. To them, it’s small potatoes or perhaps too much of a hassle to get the change back to the country of origin. Whatever the reason, banks do […]

Baseballs: The Hobby’s Perfect Gift

Do you know the old saying about bananas? They say bananas are nature’s perfect snack. Just the right size, easy to transport, full of potassium…well, it got me to thinking that baseballs are the perfect gift. How?, you may ask. 1) Baseballs are easy to transport.  Just plop it in a bag.  This cannot be said for, […]

JUST IN: 1975 Boston Red Sox Team-Signed Ball $595

With the Red Sox playing exemplary ball, let’s look back to another powerhouse Red Sox team, the 1975 Boston Red Sox. If these two teams faced each other, who would win? Both teams had about the same win-loss ratio and about the same batting average. The 1975 Red Sox were younger by almost three years. […]

October & November New-Product Release Calendar

Unsure when new sets like Triple Threads, Panini Prestige, and Absolute Memorabilia hit the streets? Check out our list below. Call us for our expected stock. And don’t forget our deal on sports card boxes: Buy one at regular price, get a 2nd of equal or lesser value at 20% off! 2013/14 Upper Deck Artifacts […]