Monthly Archives: September 2013

Check it out: WWI Trench Art

This is a piece of trench art from WWI, probably by an American soldier. When there was downtime, soldiers would create art with items they had on hand. Note the bullet casing! Kenmore Collectibles buys war memorabilia from the Revolutionary War to World War II. #medals, #swords, #uniforms, #photos. Anything but German WWII.   

Guess the imperfection

We just got a collection of off-grade 1953 Topps baseball cards in. They’re an attractive-looking bunch, but most of them have an imperfection. Take a look at this one of Dom DiMaggio. Can you tell what the problem is?   Get a good look? The red box has been touched up. It may be subtle, […]

Are you looking for a lucky shop?

We’ve had some big hits: The customer who found the Roberto Clemente cut signature card a few weeks back was lucky, but how’s this for a great pull? Another of our customers found this in a pack of 2013 Historic Autographs Originals. He paid $200.00 for the pack. In the past two months, prices realized on […]