2000 Score Rookie Preview Tom Brady. What is this Strange Beckett Holder?

Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Rookie Cards

We have all seen Beckett “Slabbed” Holders. Typically the holder mentions the name of the player, product, grade and serial number, correct? So here is a beautiful Tom Brady Rookie Autograph card in a strange Beckett holder. Looks like a Beckett holder but where is the grade? Where is the serial number ? Can’t look it up? What does a card encapsulated in a Beckett holder mean without key information. Is this even a thing? We are thinking that perhaps this card was pulled out of a product that encased all their cards by Beckett. If anyone knows more about this Beckett holder, please let us know. This card is for sale.

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Kenmore Collectibles buys Tom Brady Cards

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